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        ABOUT US

        Shandong ShengPuTe Energy Conservation And Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a company taking evaporation, crystallization, drying, solid-liquid separation technology research and development as a guide, which commits to provide customers with technology consulting, design and engineering general contracting service about product concentration, sewage treatment, high-salt waste water treatment and so on. 

        The company is located in the vegetable town- Shouguang, with a design and service team of evaporation and crystallization. Technical team possesses a large number of excellent cases which spread over the pulp and paper, fermentation, chemical, pharmaceutical,  and the team can provide customers with excellent technical services. 

        "Customer first, Sharing with Creation" is the concept that the company has been following all the time! 

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        Contact us

        Contact person :Manager Wu

        Mobile No :13563623363

        Landline :0536-5105502

        Landline :0536-5102052

        Address :No. 3369, Donghuan Road, Shouguang City, Shandong Province

        Shandong Sheng Pu te energy saving and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.,Monopoly Evaporator Mvr Fan Mvr Evaporation Crystallization and evaporation And other business,Interested customers please contact us,Phone:13563623363

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